Volunteer At Noah's Ark

Volunteering is Fun!

Volunteering with our organization, is not only a huge value to the animals, but also offers benefits to you as a supporter.  

Volunteering is fun, fulfilling, and offers a chance to form friendships and be part of a team that shares the mutual passion of the humane treatment of animals.

Volunteer At Noah's Ark

Variety of Jobs

Noah's Ark has several volunteer positions available! From answering phones at reception, fostering, walking dogs, cleaning kennels, helping with laundry, testing electronics at the thrift store, helping with can or clothing recycling, data entry, filing, putting items out on the thrift store sales floor, helping with fundraising, writing articles, taking photos, helping with special events or special projects... there is so much you can do to help shelter animals.

Volunteer At Noah's Ark

Groups Or Individuals

Groups and individuals are welcome to sign up. From one-time projects, to recurring volunteer shifts, there is a place for you to help make a difference in the lives of animals.

Community Service Hours

Are you a student needing to fulfill community service hours for graduation or for another program? Our volunteer program will enable you to meet your goals.

We also have special community service projects for students and groups to be able to complete from home or as a group project. Sign up to learn more. 

Join our Team: ​Volunteer!

Court Ordered Useful Public Service Fulfillment Program

Have court ordered useful public service (UPS) hours to fulfill?  We may be able to help!  Our UPS program is separate and structured differently from our volunteer program.  Generally, UPS workers do not handle the shelter animals, due to the number of training hours required to do so; but UPS workers will still be able to help the shelter animals by providing supportive services which directly help the animals.

Our UPS program is very unique in that there are a variety of flexible options available for you to complete your hours, even if you work full time and are unable to come to our campus every day; there are remote projects you can complete or you might be eligible to purchase supplies in lieu of working (your probation officer or the court must approve this first).  

At this time, we are unable to accept court mandated UPS candidates with any animal abuse/neglect charges, child abuse/neglect charges, or domestic violence charges.  UPS workers with felony charges are eligible only for remote (non-campus) UPS projects and also might be eligible to purchase designated supplies in lieu of working (your probation officer or the court must approve this first). UPS workers under 14 years of age, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times, while working on campus.

UPS Volunteers

Please call our volunteer coordinator to learn more about our UPS program 719-680-2385. To get started with our court mandated useful community service program, complete the UPS application and return it to the volunteer coordinator by dropping it off at our shelter location, or email it to volunteers.naawa@gmail.com.